Put a leash on your claims.

Perceptual awareness reads enviromental connections Between the perceptual outward observation, And the dead end road that is the opinion of a self proclaimed progressive ego vision. The advancements in the self that cries “im me!” process’s streams of data that the whole self never sees. Then feeds propaganda to an imprisoned expression that shapes my […]

Power of the union

My mind is slowly reversing its developmental progression. Clearly im causing the regression. Think of it like an economic depression. the physical state of the union Habitual deep pockets govern behind its own constitution. That is contradicting its own resolution. the conscious of the people holds the real solution. But the mind only cares for […]

How many selfs can be seen

Self is spoken in singular terms. But we allow it to live a plural existence. Theres who you are now and then later there is a diffrent version of you. The self is constantly interchanging with multiple selfs The singularity of self was lost somewhere in translation. Self is a softly whispered lie that slips […]

In need of momentum.

Theres a break in the chain and we’re moving the wrong way. That direction was my intention the other day. I tried to get there but the chains pressure said stayaway. Its another time Always another place. An With this chain that always seems to be the case.

Grasping at the remnants of clarity.

incessant surges of debatable cosmic consciousness that barely lights the minds of those open to the radiance. an essence that flickers like a dying candle struggling to keep shape in a dance of exuberance a similar light brightens the contours of our minds that our questions strike so powerfully it causes mental contusions. self awareness […]

living beyond the limit

strong winds, bitch please. that twister got out quick BC it was scared of me. slap wind resistance to counter act its directional needs. one good swing an I could reduce it to a gentle breeze that would be falling on its knees before it could grace the face of any lingering trees. I’m confident […]

Collective ego and karma in other cultues

Q. Do entire countries have collective egos and/or karma? A. These two are collectives of culture. Then each divides out to the individual ego an consciousness. that then builds its own unique karma. An all cultures combined”humanity” has its collective representation as a result of this. This is the system of everything. This builds this […]